Using Shopify to manage Ruffians blog

After the import

As we imported all the content from WordPress, the importer stripped all the formatting from the content. This means that if we were publish them in their current state, they'd appear in Times New Roman (the browser default font), with no space between paragraphs, as well as around images. It also didn't select a featured image.

Currently, every blog post, bar three, are hidden. This means that they can only be accessed via the Shopify admin. Here's some steps to get these formatted and re-pubslished:

Step 1

Head to "Online Store" → "Blog Posts" (or click here)

Step 2

From here, you can select to either edit an existing article, or create a new one.

To edit an existing article, click on the title of the article you want to eidt. You can filter, so show only articles of a certain status (e.g. hidden), or search for the title of an article.

To create a new article, click on the blue "Add Blog Post" button in the top right of the screen.

Step 3

Select or edit the blog post title, and write the content. The editor on this page works the same as when you're editing a product, or a page on the website. You can also upload media (images, videos etc.) to embed in the post.

If the content has been imported, you'll need to highlight it, and apply the paragraph formatting (look for the "A ▼" button in the top left of the editor). You may need to head into the HTML view ("< >" button) to tidy this up, as it sometimes doesn't create paragraphs either side of an image.

Step 4

Add a featured image. This should be square, so that it matches the rest of the images on the site. At this point, if the post is imported from the old blog, you should take a look at the comments section at the bottom, and approve any old comments you may want displayed on the site.

Step 5

Select a publishing date (if it's not to be published immeadiately, or if it's from the past), and change the visibility to "visible".

Step 6

Click the blue "Save" button in the top right to save any changes.

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